Custom Signage

We offer custom signage that can be beneficial to any type of project you’re looking to start or enhance. Using our selection of colours, designs and materials, you can help us create exactly what you are looking for.


Custom Name Plates

In addition to signage, we offer custom name plates to help make things feel a little more personal. Whether you want it for your desktop, door, or something else, we’re sure we can create something that you will be proud to show off.


Customizable Products

See something in our catalogue that you love, but would like tweak a little? No problem. Because we work with the artists directly, we’re able to fully customize your orders. We can change the design, colours or size at your request.


Need A Driver?

Travelling to a new country can be intimidating for many reasons, but none more so than figuring out how to get around. Here at Bali Imports, we realize it’s not the easiest task to take on, so we’re here to help. Thanks to our contacts in Bali, we can find you a driver for your travels that will suit your needs and get you to where you want to go.


Private Evening Shopping

We are open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm. If you find it more convenient to shop at night, after work… just give us a call to arrange a couple of hours in the evening (519 653 3752). This is perfect for “Ladies night out”, or if you have 4 or more people that are interested in discovering the unique treasures of Bali.


Travelling to Bali

If you are considering travelling to Bali allow me to answer your questions and ease your anxiety about the unknown. I can arrange a driver for you and suggest accommodations that will serve all your needs. If the opportunity presents itself, I say “Do it!”. Discover a country full of amazing people , living a full, rich, simple life centred on their culture, their families and their community. Just ask me!

Gift Certificates Available

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